Friday, September 21, 2007

Where To Play Zombie Games

Once, Zombie Games were just a section within a larger online games website, but they have now become so popular that many online zombie games websites have sprung up.

Kill The Zombies! began after a 3 hour session of playing The Last Stand and then hunting for more games to play. I began collecting links to all of my favorites, and soon I had a list of over 50. At the time, there weren't any sites dedicated to zombie killing, so I began to build my own.

Building Kill The Zombies! has been one of the most fun and rewarding web design projects I've worked on in a long time. To work on a website for yourself, that you would actually use, can be very rare for most web developers. As the site started taking shape, I played it constantly, and to this day I think I'm still one of the most active players on Kill The Zombies!

The Top 10 Zombie Games at Kill The Zombies! Are:
  1. The Last Stand
  2. Zombie Rampage
  3. Boxhead: More Rooms
  4. Boxhead: 2Play
  5. Teh Zombie
  6. Zombie Simulator
  7. Shaun Of The Dead
  8. Zombie Defence 2
  9. Diseased Corpse
  10. Divine Intervention
I am really looking forward to new zombie games as they are released, and to improving Kill The Zombies! with more features to rank players and show what games are the most popular. As more and more zombie games websites seem to "rise from the dead" each month, I am even more motivated to continue to grow and improve what I think is the best online zombie site.