Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Day - Last Day to Win!

It's the final day of the October competition and newcomer Shadowfox49 has quickly jumped into the lead and appears ready to play all day to win the Stubbs game and Zombie Movie. I'm sure Jamesecret1 and nephillim will give Shadowfox49 a run at it before the day is over though. It's still not too late for new players to win it though, there are 22 hour to go still.

At midnight on Oct. 31st, the contest will be closed and results will be audited to ensure that nobody cheated by leaving the page open and pretending to play. Any suspicious activity will be disqualified from the contest.

UPDATE: Shadowfox49 has been penalized 3702 points for leaving a game open without playing it for over 24 hours. I am not sure if this is intentional or not. All players please be warned that I can detect when you are not playing, and inactive games will be disqualified. I'm still trying to improve the scoring so that these points are not awarded in the first place.

Good luck!!!

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Venessa Liu said...

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