Friday, October 26, 2007

Kill The Zombies! Updates

A few changes were made on Kill The Zombies! yesterday. After tracking the screen sizes of our visitors, I decided to increase the default website size to fit larger screens. This allowed me to make some layout improvements, and will eventually lead to a bit of a redesign. I hope everyone enjoys the improved layout!

For visitors on small monitors, there is a new dropdown on the top right which will let you switch back to the old smaller layout.

The competition has finally started to heat up. There is a close race brewing between leader Jamesecret1, and close runner-ups djbaraka and peggels. We've got about 5 days left so there is still lots of time for somebody to step in and take this competition.

I will be auditing the results to make sure there has been no cheating, such as leaving your browser open pretending to be playing.


Cosi said...
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Cosi said...

Hey there,

I would like to add a zombie browsergame in French and German to your list:

Die Verdammten (



Please contact me at: dayan AT motion-twin DOT com

Venessa Liu said...

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